Meeting Human Needs With Tech Farms

HyperLocal Network is an infrastructure provider that creates network ecosystems for food, jobs, and technology. This is achieved using efficient and low-cost Tech Farms that pair Aquaponics with data center facilities. These facilities provide a path from agriculture to technology in a sustainable and scalable fashion by applying open-source methods to farming protocols for open farming. Open financial systems are used to enable access to stable financial services for unbanked and underbanked regions. The future is HyperLocal.

Open Farming

HyperLocal Network is a capital-efficient Controlled Environment Aquaponics (“CEAq”) facility designer, builder, operator, and a leader in terms of innovation, investment potential, contribution to food security, and social impact considerations . . . built at the intersection of profit and purpose!

Farm 1: The world’s most advanced Aquaponics with Open Protocols.

– Proven Hurricane Resistant
– Industry-leading 28-day grow cycles
– $3M Break even in 12 months
– Competitive food market prices
– 80 Tons produced in 12 months

Open Finance

Enabling new financial networks for transparency with sustainability

Tech Farms create a path to IT jobs

Tiny Homes for affordable living

Incubation of open payments

Developing new open lending

Data syndication for Farming

Data syndication for Finance

Unleash your creativity with HyperLocal

In a first of its kind program, HyperLocal will serve as a community hub to help transition agriculture workers to the knowledge economy.

Online classes are being designed in conjunction with top tier tech companies to create custom certification programs with packaged work contracts. In this way, agriculture workers will have the abiility obtain the skills to participate in the shift in globalization from physical goods and services to digital.

Local jobs means stronger local economies and keeps families together while cultivating talent.