Aquaponic Ecosystem which is highly scalable with consistent high-quality

At HyperLocal, we build Tech Farms (Fusion Farms) that primarily utilize Aquaponics, growing tilapia that are raised in large tanks, where they are overseen by our aquaculture experts and tended to by our carefully trained staff. As the fish produce ammonia through their gills and waste, the ammonia is broken down by beneficial bacteria, creating nitrites which are converted to nitrates essential for the plants. In simple terms, fish are the nutrient engine for plants to grow.

In this closed-loop system, hundreds of gallons of water circulate between the fish tank and the deepwater culture (DWC) where the plants absorb the nutrients through their roots.  The nutrient-rich water from the fish provides the natural fertilizer for the plants and the plants help to purify the water for the fish.

This all takes place within a “controlled environment,” in which temperature, humidity, and other important variables for agriculture can be carefully managed to give both the fish and the plants the best environment to thrive. Through careful monitoring, data collection, remote sensing devices, and water testing, aquaponics will produce the highest nutrient density in the shortest amount of time protected from bad weather, mold, pests, disease, and harmful pathogens. Aquaponics is chemical-free, and pesticide-free grow system which allows the plants and the fish to express their full flavor profile naturally. We have removed “seasonality” from the growing equation and have created a perfect season year-round. The majority of our crops, including lettuce take only 28 days to full maturity which allows for 12 harvest cycles per year! We have also invented the “Carousel Schedule” which allows us to harvest weekly!

Food Innovation with “Tech Farm in a Box”

What is a “Tech Farm-in-a-Box” and what is the Value-Add?

Better and faster deployment for rapidly acquired real estate with unique AgTech solutions, Proprietary Infrastructure, and Turnkey Services

Real Estate

Accelerator for distressed Big Box Acquisitions

Hyperlocal accelerates the conversion of distressed Big Box real estate to high-producing food facilities that function as community hubs to acquire IT skills with affordable housing

Properties can often see significant tax advantages as the result of being in Qualified Opportunity Zones or QOZ’s. To learn more about the benefits of why we are prioritizing locations in QOZ’s, please visit our Investor Page.


Hyperlocal custom rack and pump systems are able to create the most advanced low-cost systems available for indoor vertical farming today.

Modular designs provide an easy and cost-effective way to scale while reducing maintenance costs to meet health standards for food safety.

Teams are able to work quickly and effectively with standard rack configurations in high-oxygen environments.

Custom free-span rack system (and associated plumbing, water, and air pumps)
and oxygenation systems within the “unitized” and modular racks

Highly Nutritious, HyperLocal Weekly Harvest