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The demand for hyper-local produce has been increasing dramatically in recent years and that trend is continuing, not just in Puerto Rico, but across the entire Caribbean chain and elsewhere around the world. Fusion Farms has been a leading producer in Puerto Rico focused on large-scale, year-round, carousel-schedule, and hurricane-protected production in a CEA facility, a distinction we achieved with a business model that can generate 28% to 30% ROI for investors.  We are generating the highest productivity per acre in farming and use 95% less water than conventional farming, estimated to save millions of gallons of water over the coming years.  We have added consistency, stability, and predictability to an industry that historically has had none and we are the low-cost producer of a top-quality product in a growing market.

Global investment in agriculture is experiencing unparalleled growth, driven by increasing demand for healthier food and the perfect storm of 50% population growth, urban migration, rising resource scarcities (water in particular), and climate change.  All in all, the amount of food needed to feed a growing world population over the next 30 years will exceed the total amount of food already produced by 100%, and the situation is even more perilous when you factor in that only 30% of the total available land can be farmed.  This trend is a wake-up call for all of us, and with the current agricultural system buckling and demand outstripping supply, the need to create innovative and more efficient ways to grow food is undeniable.

The most important reference is always from the consumer who eats our produce. We are pleased to share with you some of the fantastic reactions and feedback we have been blessed to receive:


If you can’t be a farmer, buy into a farm!

Jim Rogers
William Ingram Strawberry Tasting

…or yet another:


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