What is Open Farming? Open Indoor Farming Protocols with Data Syndication and Technology Innovation in Sensors, Data, Housing, and Finance

Open farming applies principles from open-source software development to vertical farming. An open process and organizational structure enable communities to cultivate, refine and share efficient ways of growing indoor produce and protein sources. This approach utilizes academic and commercial advisory groups to review openly syndicated farming data from sensors to identify and validate growing methods. These methods can in turn be published via a network wiki. Farms can now rapidly refine themselves to meet markets together.

Tech farms are a unique combination of aquaponics, data centers, and housing that enable communities to accelerate human self-development through work. Sensor systems within farm operations collect data to reinforce harvest efficiency while ensuring food safety. In this way, workers in Aquaponics agriculture can obtain technical certifications for employment to sell food. This provides a foundation for technical exploration where IT classes are offered onsite to transition from agriculture to knowledge work. Pre-packaged certification programs from leading tech companies prepare graduates and those with a desire to upskill a path to secure contracts for QA, Support, Development, and more.

Custom Sensors

Custom sensor arrays capture, monitor and stabilize farming. Data is captured and aggregated with ledger-based systems to reinforce open farming protocols for growing. Also, data insights can be provided in future implementations. [Electronic connectivity sensor, CO2 sensor, temperature, salinity, PH Levels, humidity, nitrate/nitrite level, ammonia levels, and more] + how many data points were collected?

Decentralized Hosting

Bare metal servers for edge computing services and IT work

Systems need hosting environments that are not dependent on major centralized tech companies. These facilities offer an alternative.

Tech companies are able to create live/work programs to train recent graduates and workers to meet IT services markets for reasonable pricing with verifiable quality.

Local talent is cultivated to create a career path that allows residents to stay in country by purchasing custom tiny homes within the HyperLocal campus.

Scalable Housing

Affordable Communities Designed By You!

Community members decide what their requirements are for living with an opportunity to add facilities and establish home ownership.

3D home printing enables growth to keep pace with demand per the community goals.

Common kitchens, pools, storage, and other facilities can be made to order to meet needs in a cost effective way.

Open Finance

Partner with top blockchain companies to enable better, faster, and cheaper ways to pay and lend.

Traditional financial systems lack transparency to provide continuity in financial services for developing communities.

Open finance with a self-managed digital ID allows community members to empower themselves and others for increased opportunities.