The Commitment

HyperLocal Networks’ mission is to provide Food Security and Food Sovereignty for local communities by providing healthy, nutritious non-GMO fruits and vegetables grown locally without pesticides, or synthetic chemicals.

Founded by a strong desire to grow the best hyper-local food using aquaponics and other innovative soil-less agricultural technologies, to remove unhealthy inputs from seed to sale, our goal is to grow produce sustainably in controlled environments that optimize the production of safe, high quality, delicious, and extremely nutritious food driven by robust and comprehensive food safety programs.

HyperLocal Network builds indoor, vertical, Controlled Environment Aquaponics (CEAq), which demands a very skilled and carefully monitored staff for quality assurance and quality control.

HyperLocal Network is committed to providing jobs and to seeking qualified applicants locally before expanding the search beyond community borders. Fusion Farms understands that building a community business is paramount and at the same time, hiring the specific skill sets required to successfully grow healthy, nutritious food for the community.

It is always our goal to create a business norm around health and vitality and to seek the individuals that align with our commitment regardless of race, creed, color, or economic status. We urge all staff members to adopt a posture of generosity and empathy to all other employees as we are all together engaged in this human enterprise. 

At HyperLocal, healthy food is at the center of our mission, and we all strive for excellence in delivering exceptional taste, nutrition, and value for our customers. We understand that finding the right people with the right knowledge, experiences and skills may be more challenging in our industry, however, we are committed to thorough exploration first in the local community and beyond if necessary to build the right team.

In everything we do, we strive to grow great food for the great human race.