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Let's make local produce more accessible & convenient
​and let's go hyperlocal!

Mission and Vision
Our mission at Hyperlocal.farm, is to create a carbon-neutral food infrastructure in Los Angeles by 2030. We will do this by connecting our local farms to the local restaurants and retailers in LA. By providing local food to the people of Los Angeles, we are providing food that:
Food for Thought:

​In 1940, the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce reported that "nearly half of the Los Angeles food supply originates on farms within 50 miles of the city."

​Today, only 1% of the food consumed in Los Angeles County comes from the region.
Making it a reality
Hyperlocal.farm is a sales and delivery service for local growers in Los Angeles.
We help local growers sell their produce to local grocery stores and restaurants, in order to provide our community the best food available.

For Local Restaurants and Retailers
We provide the best customer experience for purchasing from local suppliers. We provide information about the produce and about the growing methods, so that you can make the best purchasing decisions and communicate to your customers why your food is better than that of the competition.

For Local Growers
We will hold your produce to high standards, but we will help you meet them. We will work alongside you to provide your customers the optimal purchasing and onboarding experience. 
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The Future of Food